The Last Days of Decadence

I have nine days left in Paris. I don’t want to go. I am completely unready for the massive amount of work that lies ahead on the other side of the Chunnel. But what a sendoff! I had a LOT of fun this past week. Although both sinks remain clogged and the mice have taken […]

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La Rentrée

A while has passed since my last post- apologies for the delay. All is well. I have a wonderful and big week ahead of me. Paris in August was a ghostown invaded by slow-walking agog tourists. The mass exodus of the French was followed by a locus-like invasion of hungry foreigners. They filled the naves […]

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Here, you will find many ramblings about the beautiful places I’ve been, all the shiny medieval objects I study, and what it’s like to live in Paris.

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